This page contains a list of the things that will go into version 1.0.

Critical bugs:

To be decided:


  • Join
  • Some kind of bindable replacement for Skip/Take - something like Paged(numberOfItemsPerPage, (opt)initialPageNumber)
  • Dependencies on collections - low priority
  • Dependencies on static members
  • CLR property dependency should look for XYZChanged events in addition to INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Dependencies on aggregates: easy to implement but needs testing
  • IBindable non-generic interface should define "object Current" property, similar to how IEnumerable/IEnumerable(Of T) work


  • Basic unit tests should be written for all of the major queries
  • The testing DSL really needs to be rethought to reduce how much code is needed per test


  • CCNET has been setup on a server and pointed at the code, but the build (mainly publishing) hasn't been configured


  • Information and examples with each query operation should be published to the wiki along with a description of the differences between the LINQ version and the Bindable LINQ version.

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